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"As a company you need goals that are realistic and achievable. The world is constantly changing and market changes occur quickly. Consumers do not sit still and are always looking for new products and challenges that are often influenced by trends and fads. In order to respond to this, insight and creativity are required." - Ruth Teeken


"Ambition is not only about achieving your goals, but also about seeing whether you can further implement the goals you have as an entrepreneur within your company. Thinking ahead helps to avoid obstacles and find new opportunities.
An ambition that falls within the limits of reason is the healthiest motivation for an entrepreneur."
- Dennis Teeken


A plan drawn up in advance is necessary to achieve your goals and ambition. You need to know what is going on in the market, how many players there are and what the end consumer wants. Once you know this, you can ask yourself the question: How do I ensure that I excel in this?


For good collaboration it is important to know the goals and ambitions of the collaborating parties. Constant and open communication is central. When ideas, goals and ambitions of the collaborating parties can be poured into a mold, there is cooperation

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